Taking a Look at Father’s Day Weekend and How the Weather Will Impact Consumer Activity



This year, Father’s Day will take place the day before the official start of summer, which means shoppers will be thinking about seasonal activities and gifts to make their dad’s day special. According to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey conducted by Proper Insight and Analytics, the average consumer expects to spend $126 on Father’s Day this year. This is about ten dollars more than last year’s survey.


What will they be spending their money on? Given the time of year, fun activities and experiences rank number one as 47% of consumers expect to give their dads a round of golf or take him to a nice dinner at his favorite restaurant. This is followed by clothing (43%), gift cards (41%), and consumer electronics (20%). In total, spending for this Father’s Day weekend is estimated to reach $14.3 billion.


The Role the Weather Will Play this Father’s Day Weekend




Given the preference for many consumers to spend their money on fun activities and seasonal outdoor experiences, the weather will play a major role in their decision-making. For example, a planned golf outing could potentially be cancelled for another day if ongoing showers are present throughout the weekend. Warmer, drier weather, on the other hand, could make the golf course a popular destination this weekend. So what will the weather be like across the United States and how could this potentially affect retailers, restaurants, and other industries that count on robust Father’s Day sales?


Leading up to Father’s Day weekend, much of the United States will experience slightly cooler temperatures, especially in the West and some locations in the East. However, temperatures are already beginning to warm up in the Ohio Valley and Northeast, and these temperatures should continue to rise into Father’s Day weekend. The Plains and Mid-South are currently in the middle of a heat wave, which means shoppers are already thinking summer even if it isn’t official for a few more days.


The big weekend itself will be slightly warmer than normal throughout most of the United States; only the Ohio Valley and Southeast are expected to trend cooler. This means that seasonal goods like t-shirts and grills should sell well over the holiday weekend. In addition, outdoor entertainment and seasonal activities should be hot-ticket gifts for consumers looking for fun in the sun with their fathers over the weekend.  Northern parts of the United States will see temperatures in the 80s while some locations in the South could see temperatures in the mid-90s or higher. The Pacific Northwest will trend in the low-to-mid 70s.


However, rain is a factor as well, so some shoppers may want to bring their umbrellas if they go anywhere with their dads over the weekend. The regions most likely to see showers include parts of the Southeast, the Gulf Coast, and Northwest. Businesses in these regions should pay attention to their local forecast as rain or thunderstorms will alter weather-driven demand. It may be the difference whether someone is out on the course with his or her father or they are watching the U.S. Open on TV at home instead.


Using Weather Analytics to Minimize the Weather’s Impact on Sales


Given the impact the weather can have on Father’s Day sales and consumer decision-making, businesses looking to reduce that impact and take advantage of weather-related opportunities should consider making an investment in weather analytics. Weather data is only part of the equation. How you use that data in demand planning is a whole other matter. Weather analytics is a business forecasting tool that can help organizations measure and manage the weather’s impact on its sales. The weather only repeats itself twenty percent of the time from year to year, so it takes a more sophisticated approach to create an effective plan. It takes weather analytics. Contact us today to learn more about our weather intelligence services.