Hotter Than LY for the Middle of the Country, Cooler on the Coasts. Severe Storms in the Heartland.

LAST WEEK: April 21, 2024 – April 27, 2024 (Retail Week 12/April Week 3)

Hotter than LY conditions covered the middle of the country providing strong support for seasonal merchandise (see Weather-Driven Demand examples in the image below), but cooler weather was found along the West and East Coasts. Severe thunderstorms raked the central U.S. on Friday and Saturday. Nearly 120 tornadoes caused major damage from Nebraska and Iowa to Oklahoma.

(For reference, the same period last year (week-ending 4/29/23) was coolest since 2005 and wettest since 2019 for the U.S. overall).


THIS WEEK: April 28, 2024 – May 4, 2024 (Retail Week 13/April Week 4)
Cooling in the West, Hotter East. More Storms in the Plains.


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