Planalytics is a global leader in predictive demand analytics that enable consumer-centric companies to understand the customer context driving buying decisions and take action at scale.

Consumer behavior is complex, often chaotic, making it essential for companies to systematically factor in key influencers of purchasing in order to anticipate demand, increase customer satisfaction, and improve financial performance. Planalytics’ integration-ready metrics make it possible for companies to leverage existing technologies to operationalize product-specific, localized demand insights across the entire enterprise or product range.

Planalytics applies advanced statistical methods and machine learning, mountains of sales data, years of unmatched retail demand expertise to the most omnipresent external influencer of purchasing – the weather — to provide businesses with a proven and measurable return on investment. The resource-light, automated demand analytics make a company’s existing systems smarter immediately with full payback typically captured within 180 days.

Powerful. Scalable. Frictionless. Seriously Profitable.

Powerful. With over 40,000 product and service categories analyzed based on trillions of actual consumer purchases, Planalytics’ unmatched expertise combines proprietary analytical modeling and machine learning techniques to precisely quantify demand changes.

Scalable. Eliminate the need for planning, replenishment, marketing, or other teams to make manual adjustments, Planalytics’ deep experience, cloud processing, and proven analytics platform can evaluate a company’s entire product/service range and develop hundreds or thousands of demand models within a few weeks.

Frictionless. Planalytics distills the complex interrelationships behind consumer demand variations into a simple unit- or percentage-based metric that integrates quickly and easily into existing software, SaaS, and ML/AI solutions. Blue Yonder, Oracle, SAP, SAS, Mi9, and Peer39 are a few of the leading solution providers that integrate Planalytics’ predictive demand analytics.

Seriously Profitable.  By providing a consumer context around the weather, Planalytics helps companies improve essential, everyday business functions like planning, allocation, replenishment, and digital marketing. Businesses capture immediate value in terms of increased sales and reduced costs and typically see a full return on investment within the first 180 days.

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