Today’s consumer demands more than ever – flexible options, convenience, competitive prices, excellent service, and as always, the product they want when and where they want it.

As a retail business, demanding more from core processes and technologies is essential to meeting customer expectations and growing sales, market share, and loyalty.

The successful digital transformation of your business also demands more – existing and new solutions alike must capitalize on analytics to translate massive amounts of data into an ever-clearer picture of consumer buying behavior. 

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Take the Fast Track to a
Better Demand Forecast with Planalytics

Planalytics’ predictive demand analytics apply advanced statistical methods, artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML), mountains of sales data, and years of unmatched retail demand expertise to drive accuracy improvements. 

A key external factor any retail business should focus on is weather-based demand volatility. Planalytics provides product-specific, localized demand adjustments that isolate and calculate the consumer’s relationship with the weather. Planalytics’ real-world-tested analytics are trusted by retail businesses that currently operate over 75,000 combined locations. 

Planalytics’ integration-ready, analytics-as-a-service metrics easily layer onto a company’s existing demand forecasting solutions and makes them better.

Retailers can integrate Planalytics as a rapidly deployable value layer into their existing software/SaaS solutions and AI/ML platforms. There is no quicker way to extract unrealized value from current demand forecasting technologies and to begin capturing the financial gains that are generated from optimized inventories, promotions, advertising, markdowns, and more. With Planalytics, improved demand forecasts and the resulting value return materializes in 90 days or less. 

Contact us to learn how your company can take the fast track to a better demand forecast. 


Planalytics’ Modules

Planalytics delivers predictive demand analytics for specific business needs through Modules.


Integration Partners

Planalytics weather-driven demand analytics have been incorporated into many commercial and in-house solutions. Some of the leading solution providers Planalytics has integration partnerships with include:

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