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Demand More

Planalytics provides predictive demand analytics that enable retailers and other consumer-focused companies to understand purchasing drivers from a customer context, so you can systematically quantify and proactively manage topline and bottom line impacts.

Today’s consumer demands more than ever and keeping satisfied, loyal customers means your company needs to demand more from the core processes and systems you rely on to serve them. Planalytics’ develops models by analyzing historical sales data and the most impactful external environmental driver of demand — the weather. By identifying and precisely measures this hidden component that so directly and frequently influences purchasing decisions, your business can stay a step ahead of consumer demand and meet or exceed shopper expectations.

Demand More with powerful predictive analytics help your business navigate unrelenting demand variability, improving planning accuracy overall and often 20% or more for specific categories, locations, and time periods.

Demand More with localized demand analytics that can be quickly operationalized and scaled across your enterprise. Planalytics’ proven demand impact models can be developed for hundreds or thousands (even tens of thousands) of the products you sell in a few short weeks.

Demand More from your existing IT investments. Planalytics’ metrics offer frictionless integrations directly into demand forecasting & replenishment solutions, ERPs, data warehouses, ML/AI platforms, and other technologies (reporting, digital marketing, etc.).

Demand More by capturing seriously profitable (and ongoing, repeatable) results by optimizing core processes. Planalytics clients begin realizing value immediately and typically capture full payback/ROI within 180 days. Financial benefits include:




Planalytics’ Modules

Planalytics delivers predictive demand analytics for specific business needs through Modules.



Integration Partners

Planalytics weather-driven demand analytics have been incorporated into many commercial and in-house solutions. Some of the leading solution providers Planalytics has integration partnerships with include: