Planalytics demand analytics for Auto repair, hvac repair, pest removal


The choice to purchase a service – from pest control to HVAC installations and repairs; from automotive repairs to home improvements; from sports or concert tickets to lift passes for skiing or greens fees for golfing –can often be directly influenced by the weather. Depending on the service, these purchasing decisions can be the result of conditions that have already occurred or based on the weather that is forecasted (or both). Planalytics’ predictive demand analytics for services enable companies to stay ahead of when, where, and how much the demand for their offerings increase or decrease due to changes in the weather.

Service companies can integrate predictive Weather-Driven Demand (WDD) analytics into existing processes and technology solutions to grow profit margins through increased sales and lower costs. 

  • For digital marketing, WDD analytics help companies identify and engage audiences with elevated demand for services due to the weather, thereby optimizing the timing of campaigns and/or the geo-targeting of advertising spend to get in front of those that are most likely to spend. By personalizing campaigns to account for weather impacts, businesses can improve click-throughs, conversions, ROAS, and other important digital marketing metrics.
  • For reporting & analysis, WDD metrics give service providers to more clearly gauge performance (such as regional sales, promotions, marketing campaigns, etc.) with a weather-adjusted viewpoint that allows “apples-to-apples” comparisons.
  • For year-ahead financial or sales planning, WDD calculations account for weather biases in historical results so businesses can avoid the mistake of “chasing” the prior year’s weather and its sales impacts. Planning from a deweatherized baseline improves accuracy and enables companies to better position the business to both capture weather-driven sales opportunities and manage risks in less favorable weather situations. For nearer-term optimization of labor or inventories, WDD outlooks for the coming days or weeks based on forecasted weather changes to highlight when, where, and how much demand will be shifting.



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