Financial Times: Supermarkets Eye Opportunities with Retail Media

September 26, 2023

According to an article in the Financial Times, “supermarkets are generally looking for profitable ventures, like selling fuel, to stay competitive on food. The latest involves your eyeballs — and your data.” “There has long been talk about the opportunity presented by the growth in ecommerce, combined with supermarkets’ customer data particularly from loyalty programmes. …

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Forbes Highlights Key Areas for Retail AI

September 7, 2023

Forbes has laid out four ways artificial intelligence (AI) can be leveraged to improve retail basics. “The days of reactionary responses, such as raising or slashing prices on consumer goods to break even or move excess inventory for long-term success, are gone. Retailers must work in new, better ways, as the economy—along with shoppers and …

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2023 Summer Recap and Fall Outlook Powered by NielsenIQ

September 6, 2023

This recent webcast presented by Evan Gold, EVP of Partnerships & Alliances at Planalytics, provides a summary of the summer season and an outlook for fall. For this update, Planalytics weather-driven demand metrics leveraged source data from NIQ, the largest consumer intelligence provider in the world. By measuring the impact of weather, businesses can proactively …

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Theme Park Operators Point to Challenging Weather in Recent Earnings Calls

August 24, 2023

“The weather continues to get in the way of what was originally forecast to be a strong summer for theme park operators,” according to the Seeking Alpha article Theme parks from California to Florida have been hit by worse weather than normal this summer. Industry leaders, Six Flags Entertainment, SeaWorld Entertainment, and Cedar Fair “all …

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Retail Q3 Weather Impacts: Year-Over-Year Opportunity May Be Best in the West

August 23, 2023

U.S. retailers are in the middle of reporting Q2 results, and some chains have begun to warn about second half performance and lower earnings expectations due to mounting financial pressures on consumers. Inflation, interest rates, rising credit card debt, and the restart of student loan payment are some of economic headwinds retailers are facing as …

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Weatherize to Personalize: Improve Advertising Returns by Targeting Audiences at the Right Time

August 17, 2023

An blog post entitled Programmatic Ads: Past, Present, Future discusses how “automated advertising has changed how brands and marketers reach the people they want to reach.” The blog post looked at how programmatic advertising has evolved through time, from its emergence in the early 2000s when real-time bidding “enhanced efficiency and transparency in the …

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FMI Research: More Grocers Plan to Use Technology to Optimize Fresh Inventories

August 11, 2023

“Shrink in fresh departments is considerably higher on average, and food retailers have seen a small increase in their fresh shrink this past year,” reports the FMI in their 74th annual The Food Retailing Industry Speaks analysis. “Technology is helping to support a range of functions for fresh foods operations. Twenty percent of responding retailers …

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Inventory Distortion is Projected to Cost Retailers $1.77 Trillion

August 4, 2023

Retail TouchPoints has summarized a recent IHL Study (Inventory Distortion Will Cost Retailers $1.77 Trillion in 2023) and highlighted the challenges businesses need to address even as many of the worst pandemic-era supply chain issues have faded away. “Inventory distortion, whether it’s out-of-stocks or overstocks, are a huge and costly challenge for retailers and suppliers, …

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Fan outside

Southern Europeans Spend to Cool Down; Different Demand Impacts Emerge in Rain-Sodden Northern Markets

August 3, 2023

Record-breaking temperatures have been making headlines this summer with the globe as a whole logging its hottest-ever months in June and July with much of the coverage focused on the heat domes impacting the American southwest and southern Europe.  Unsurprisingly, the conditions are having a huge influence on the activities people choose to pursue or …

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Research Reports: Grocers Continuing to Focus on Analytics and AI

July 19, 2023

Supermarket chains are focused on leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve processes and customer experiences according to two recently released research reports. “Leaders are accelerating investments in many existing solutions and experimenting with new opportunities,” reports the FMI in their 74th annual The Food Retailing Industry Speaks analysis. The FMI notes that …

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