NRF 2023: H-E-B, Albertsons & Chipotle Talk the Benefits of Weather-Driven Demand Analytics

February 3, 2023

Grocery Dive recently covered (see “Friday Checkout: The unexpected impacts of weather on supply chain”) a panel discussion that took place at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual “Big Show” conference in New York City. “The weather’s impact on consumer behavior and product demand can be a no-brainer. Warm temperatures typically spur demand for cold …

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Cognira + Planalytics: The Impact Weather-Driven Demand Has on Promotion Performance

January 12, 2023

Why Integrating Weather-Driven Demand Analytics with Promotion Management Can Improve Retailer’s Bottom Line Often one of the first things people do is check the weather when starting their day. Weather plays a huge role in the clothes we choose to wear, the activities we do for the day, the food and drinks we consume, and …

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Weather & Retail Myth #5: I’m An Online Retailer – The Weather Doesn’t Impact Me

January 11, 2023

Weather can impact website traffic, just as it does brick-and-mortar store traffic. Extreme events, as well as simple day-to-day changes in weather, can drive spikes in website traffic rather than into stores and vice versa. By leveraging weather analytics, businesses can understand the specific times and locations to deliver a product or brand-specific message to …

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Weather & Retail Myth #4: My Products Aren’t Seasonal, So the Weather Doesn’t Affect Me

January 9, 2023

Many categories — from lawn fertilizer to knitwear to sun care — are obviously impacted by the weather, but it can be surprising to learn how much non-seasonal products are also affected. Over 90 percent of a business’s annual weather-driven sales come from day-to-day changes in temperature and precipitation that influence consumer shopping patterns and …

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Weather & Retail Myth #3: Consumers Will Shop During the Holidays Regardless of the Weather

January 4, 2023

Just because sales peak for many retailers during the November-December holiday sales period doesn’t mean weather’s business impacts disappear. During the holidays, weather not only influences if a customer goes into a store, it also influences the items they place in their basket. For example, 18 percent of boot sales are influenced solely by the …

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Weather & Retail Myth #2: It All Evens Out in the End!

December 20, 2022

“Sometimes the weather hurts me, sometimes the weather helps me.” While this adage often rings true, it does not mean that positive and negative weather simply even out over the course of a selling season, fiscal quarter or even a year. The timing, location, strength and duration of favorable or unfavorable weather makes a big …

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Weather & Retail Myth #1: You Can’t Plan for the Weather

December 15, 2022

What does 53°F and light rain mean for sales? The answer is different in Chicago than in Charlotte; it varies if it is a day in March or October. The weather’s influence on consumers is complex and nuanced and temperature or precipitation data is easily misinterpreted and misused. As a result, many businesses believe planning …

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Holiday Season Insights from the National Retail Federation & Planalytics

December 13, 2022

On December 8th, Planalytics hosted a Holiday Update webinar with special guest Katherine Cullen of the National Retail Federation (NRF). A recording of this presentation is available here. Katherine is the NRF’s Senior Director, Retail & Consumer Insights and she began the presentation with a look at their holiday sales forecast (+6-8%) and discussion of …

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Improving Demand Planning Accuracy by Integrating Weather Analytics

December 8, 2022

Our partners at Enhanced Retail Solutions have published a step-by-step overview for integrating weather-driven demand analytics into retail plans and demand forecasts. “Estimating future sales is increasingly difficult with so many factors to be taken into consideration. The economy, inconsistencies in stock levels, changes in assortments and consumer shopping patterns to name just a few. Most inventory …

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Combining Shopper Traffic Data with Weather Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

December 6, 2022

Retailers spend a significant amount of time planning. Planning to make sure the right products are on the shelf. Planning the optimal price and promotional cadence. Planning how the product will be merchandised in the stores. In addition to all of these detailed processes, businesses are also reliant on the store and operations teams to …

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