Using Predictive Weather-Driven Demand Analytics to Improve On-Shelf Availability

September 6, 2022

NielsenIQ published an analysis (Fresh Insights About Grocery On-Shelf Availability in the Post-COVID Era) pointing to the importance to the challenge of out-of-stocks for retailers. NielsenIQ, a Planalytics partner, wrote that “Gaps in On-Shelf Availability (OSA) result in lost volume, lost baskets, and lost faith among shoppers…  Even where upstream supply shortages and/or panic shopping …

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Markdowns Rise & Margins Fall

August 31, 2022

WWD published an article (Q3 Markdowns Rising, Margins Falling – 8/30/22; subscription required) highlighting how several retailers are facing significant pressure on margins due to high inventories. “It’s markdown city,” said Dana Telsey, chief executive officer and chief research officer of the Telsey Advisory Group. “Deals are all around. Everyone’s inventory levels are high. There …

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Why the Same Temperature Can Feel Different Somewhere Else

August 22, 2022

FiveThirtyEight published an interesting article (“Why The Same Temperature Can Feel Different Somewhere Else”) discussing how reactions to the same weather conditions are all “relative” based on a person’s location and related cultural norms. “In much of the United States, the high 80s in Fahrenheit is hot, but it’s not hot-hot. It could even be …

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2022-0813_Temp vs LY

Week Ending August 13, 2022 / Retail Week 28 / August Week 2

August 15, 2022

Cooler in the East and Along the West Coast, Summer Heat in the Middle. Showers for Many. West-East Split in Canada. Showery West and East.   Weather-Driven Demand (WDD) Category Notables WDDs represent the estimated % change in demand of the product / category based purely on the year-over-year changes in weather.    Weekly Summary …

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Hand holding scissors cutting price tag

The Predictive Demand Signal Among the Noise in 2022 Retail Performance

July 30, 2022

As we hit the end of the 1st half of the retail year, many retailers are noting various headwinds that are negatively impacting their results and profitability outlooks. High inventory levels due to inflation, supply chain disruptions, and increased costs of everyday items like food and gasoline have all led to a decrease in demand …

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Predictive Weather-Driven Demand Analytics Is the Secret Ingredient Enabling Retailers to Succeed in Uncertain Times

July 28, 2022

There are many external variables influencing businesses and consumers today. Recently, we’ve heard a lot about volatile supply chains, delayed product shipments, fluctuating inventory levels, inflationary pressures, and rising prices. In addition, retailers continue to be understaffed. Each of these individual variables denote business disruptions, distractions, and challenges for businesses who are looking to meet …

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Rack of clothing in retail store with sale sign

The Planning & Forecasting Fix that Fashion Retailers Need to Increase Profit Margin

March 11, 2022

Nothing repeatedly challenges retailers and erodes margins as the misalignment of inventories with consumer demand.  For clothing, footwear, and accessories retailers this misalignment often leads to lost sales due to out-of-stocks or higher markdowns when they have overestimated demand. Obviously, a retailer’s revenue and profit take a hit when an item is not available when …

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Weather Permitting: How to Use Weather Data in Retail Forecasting

March 3, 2022

“Retail is detail. And there is a lot of ‘detail’ for retailers to manage and factor into the business every day. When it comes to external variables, nothing is more consistently and directly impactful on demand than the weather. This is because the weather influences consumer buying behavior everyday – and it never stops changing; …

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Recovering from the Disrupted Supply Chain

February 3, 2022

Almost every retailer has felt the impact of slowdown in the global supply chain resulting in lack of inventory where the demand is. They face this unplanned reality at a time when consumption patterns and preferences have rapidly changed as demand gets increasingly digital. These turbulent times, along with the role of weather, have changed …

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Want to Increase Sales? Don’t “Brush” the Weather Aside

January 11, 2018

Based on research by the American Meteorological Society, current U.S. economic output varies by up to $630 billion a year (about 3.4% of 2016 gross domestic product) due to weather variability. While there is general recognition of weather’s impacts on results, relatively few businesses effectively translate this general awareness into actionable business insights.

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