Get ready to turn up the excitement dial this Black Friday Weekend!

It’s not just a chill in the air; it’s the perfect storm for demand spikes for seasonal categories from winter apparel & accessories to warming foods and beverages.  

The holiday week will feature a wave of cold temperatures sweeping eastward, pushing markets from the Plains to the East Coast with a trend below normal and last year.

Get prepared for a sales surge in locations from the Rockies to the East Coast. Conditions will support traffic and seasonal product demand over the Black Friday weekend. Below are some examples of the favorable weather impacts:

The weather will be more challenging for seasonal products in the western third of the country which is set to defy the cold. While remaining slightly warmer, travelers and holiday shoppers in the West will see mostly dry conditions, a positive for store and restaurant traffic.

There will be precipitation at times over the holiday weekend across the Plains, Midwest, and Northeast.

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