Moving Beyond Weather Data

There is no shortage of weather data available to businesses, but it has no real value until it is converted into a straightforward and usable business context.

What does 53°F and light rain mean to your business? The answer is different in Boston than in Baltimore; different in Brussels than in Barcelona. The answer also changes if such a day is in March, June or October. Weather’s influence on the purchases consumers make or the activities they choose to pursue is complex and nuanced. Weather data alone will not provide your business the actionable insights it needs to make better decisions. To accurately assess weather’s influence on customer’s buying behavior, businesses must incorporate predictive analytics.


It’s All In The Analytics

Through detailed analyses that combine sales and weather data, weather’s influence on an organization can be isolated and accurately measured. Planalytics has analyzed over 10 trillion point-of-sale transactions across more than 40,000 product categories.  This deep experience enables us to quickly and accurately identify primary weather drivers, understand weather sensitivity by location and time, and quantify exactly how much demand will be affected by the weather.



We Provide Answers

Our weather-driven demand analytics, online tools, reports, and services empower businesses to effectively manage weather’s impact. The analytics integrate seamlessly into current processes, enabling companies to easily plan from a deweatherized (weather-neutral) baseline with minimal change management.

By statistically and systematically removing weather volatility, businesses can more effectively plan future demand, allocate resources, and improve operational effectiveness. Planalytics is helping leading companies around the globe Get Weatherized.




You Can’t Control The Weather, But You Can Control
How It Affects Your Business.®