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Understanding and being prepared for fluctuations in traffic levels and sales is more challenging than ever for restaurant chains. Planalytics helps companies determine the factors that influence decisions to dine in, order delivery, hit the drive-thru, or eat at home and the item choices diners make. Planalytics’ predictive demand analytics enable companies stay ahead of when, where, and how much the sales increase or decrease due to the weather, the most omnipresent external driver of consumer purchasing.

POWERFUL: With over 40,000 product and service categories analyzed based on trillions of actual consumer purchases, Planalytics combines proven analytical modeling and machine learning/artificial intelligence techniques to quantify demand changes.

SCALABLE:  There is no faster or cost-effective way to scale product-specific, localized weather-driven demand metrics across a business. Planalytics is able to develop total traffic, channel, and item-specific models for a business within a few weeks.

FRICTIONLESS: With frictionless integrations into leading solutions from SAP, Blue Yonder, Oracle, and other SaaS and ML/AI solutions, businesses don’t have to wait months or years to operationalize analytics that directly enhance core processes such reporting and analysis, marketing, planning, and replenishment.

SERIOUSLY PROFITABLE: Restaurants that integrate Planalytics’ predictive demand analytics grow profit margins through increased sales, lower costs (e.g. labor, perishable waste/shrink etc.), and/or more effective use of marketing dollars (e.g. improved ROAS, etc.).




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