November Outlook

East vs. West

The first week of November will start with a significant divide between East and West, as shown in the temperature map below. Opportunity for seasonal products will be focused in the West, while the East will have limited demand compared to the first week of November last year and normal. Women’s Boots, for example, will be up 43% in Denver and down 30% in Dallas. Hot Coffee will be favorable out west in Los Angeles (up 3%) and down 4% in Boston. Sweaters have increased demand in cities such as Phoenix (up 8%) and down 15% in Philadelphia.

november week 1 maps

Looking Ahead Into November 2015 Overall

Last November was the coldest and snowiest since 1996.  Cold temperatures were focused in the mid-continent with some Midwestern cities seeing their coldest November in 50 years.  On the flip side, some California cities had their warmest November in 20 or more years.  For the nation overall, demand for fall-winter apparel, snow removal products, and other seasonal categories was up.  Businesses should plan for warmer temperatures and less snow this November.

Sector Revenue Impact  (Nov 2015 vs Nov 2014):

november sector impacts

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