Canadian Business Weather Wrap-Up


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WEATHER HIGHLIGHTS (Week Ending October 17, 2015)

Cold Temperatures & Dry Conditions Drove Fall Businesses in the East. Wet Conditions Were Focused in the Prairies & Southeast. Major Markets Trended Cooler Than Last Year.

Blue Jay Days in Canada. Eastern Canada was seeing ‘blue’ from the Jays baseball playoff run as well as a late week shot of cold air, which drove fall product demand. For the week as a whole, Canada trended cooler than LY, although warmer than normal, and the driest since 2009. Of particular note, Montreal had its coldest week 2 of October since 2010 and Toronto was driest since 2009. Early in the week, Canadian Thanksgiving trended the warmest in over 55 years with below normal rainfall.

For reference, last week last year, Canada was warmer and wetter than normal. Canadian Thanksgiving was warmest since 2011; wettest since 2007.

Last Week’s Weather vs. Last Year (Week ending October 17, 2015)


 WEATHER DRIVEN-DEMAND BY PRODUCT (Week Ending October 17, 2015)

Weather-Driven Demand (WDD) is the measured impact of weather on comp sales (“lift” or “drag”).  It is a numerical representation of the consumer need for a product or service caused by perceived changes in the weather at a time/location intersection.  It does not include any factors other than weather (e.g. price, competition, etc.)  WDD is expressed as percent change from the previous year, either favorable (positive) or unfavorable (negative) for each product or service. 


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