Client Videos

  • Sonic Corporation

    Sonic's Vice President of Performance Analysis explains how weather is critical to the evaluation of promotional and product sales performance.
  • Stanley Black & Decker

    Black & Decker's President of Outdoor and Home Products talks about season timing throughout various selling regions, and how they plan year-to-year.
  • The Coca-Cola Company

    Coca-Cola’s Marketing Strategy & Insights manager shares examples of how they leverage weather intelligence for global strategies.
  • The Jel Sert Company

    Jel Sert’s Category Marketing Manager speaks about using weather intelligence for gaining additional retailer displays, sales forecasting, season timing and holiday promotions.
  • Ace Hardware

    Ace Hardware's Director of Inventory Control speaks about the different utilization of Business Weather Intelligence throughout the organization.
  • Johnson Controls Inc.

    Johnson Controls speaks about how temperature plays such a key role in demand for automotive batteries. They highlight usage of reports and tools that support their demand planning.
  • Merck Consumer Care

    Merck Consumer Care's Director of Category Management speaks about how they brought Planalytics on board and received immediate ROI.

    PetSmart, Inc.

    PetSmart’s Replenishment Events Manager discusses how they use Planalytics to manage their most weather-sensitive categories, including Flea & Tick, Heated Beds & Bowls, Ice Melter and Outdoor Lawn Saver Products.


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    Our weather-driven demand number is tied directly to what percentage of our sales were up or down. You would be amazed at the correlation between how our volume performs and how the weather performs.

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    Planalytics allows us to look at the weather by location to anticipate changes as well as react to the weather impact.

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    [During the El Nino] we were able to do one thing that no one else was able to do. We were able to maintain our margins. Towards the end of the event we started shipping more product back in and we had fresh assortments that the customer hadn’t seen all season while everybody else was marking stuff down.

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    I’m attuned to the Planalytics reports primarily for the fact of how it’s going to affect my retail partners positively or negatively. I then communicate with operations to ensure there will be enough ice in an affected area.

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    The season timing data and knowing when the season is going to start and in what region helps us get the planning out and when it ends it helps us to know when we are going to do the markdowns.