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Factoring the Weather into Spring 2021 DIY Retail Sales

Join Planalytics on the November 11th Webinar to hear how DIY retailers are using weather analytics to understand how sales have been impacted in 2020 and when and where consumer demand is likely to be more favorable (or unfavorable) during the critical 2021 Spring selling season.

Unlike other retailers where getting customers has been the main struggle, DIY retailers have found getting enough product to meet demand to be the primary challenge. During this Webinar, learn how DIY retailers put available product in the right place — the first time.

How is your business planning the key Spring 2021 season? Meeting or beating strong comps will be difficult for many businesses. Are your plans accounting for COVID-related sales distortions that are not likely to repeat in 2021? Similarly, are your plans factoring in this past Spring’s weather-based sales distortions?

Webinar topics include:

  • Adding certainty to planning baselines with weather-driven demand analytics
  • Identifying and proactively managing in-season sales opportunities and risks through weather-informed replenishment and digital marketing.
  • Examples of Spring season weather sensitivity (how much could the weather swing sales positively or negatively) for key categories and weather-driven demand impacts to watch for in Spring 2021.


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