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Retail Roundup: Insights from the Golden Quarter & Trends to Watch this Spring

Sales results and earnings reports for the crucial Q4 period and retail 2023 are in, and the important spring season is now upon us. Join industry analysts from RetSci and Planalytics to look at the current state of retail and the opportunities/risks confronting companies today.  

Topics include:

  • Q4 results and the key themes that emerged
  • Factors influencing consumer spending
  • Spring insights and weather-driven demand outlook


  • Meg Galgano, Senior Director of Business Consulting     
  • Evan Gold, EVP Global Partnerships & Alliances     

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Storm on the Horizon: How Ignoring the Weather’s Impacts Adds Error to Plans and Erodes Margins

Join Planalytics and ToolsGroup on Thursday, December 14, at 11 a.m. EST.


  • Evan Gold, EVP Global Partnerships & Alliances, Planalytics
  • Brett Bever, VP of Technical Sales Consulting, ToolsGroup

Heatwaves, polar vortexes, snowstorms, hurricanes, and routine weather volatility will always present a challenge for retailers and brands. The extreme events amplify the traffic and sales swings that are already caused by everyday changes in the weather (a few degrees warmer or cooler, rain vs. sunny skies, etc.).  Planning for the demand variability is no easy task given that the weather and its sales impacts rarely repeat from year-to-year across products and markets and often change significantly on a daily basis. This webinar shares how incorporating Planalytics’ weather-driven demand analytics into ToolsGroup solutions improve planning accuracy, boost sales by reducing out-of-stocks, and grow margins by minimizing inventory-related costs. Join us to see how applying historical and predictive weather-driven demand adjustments at scale within ToolsGroup enhances planning, allocation, replenishment, reporting, and more.


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SAP Industry Cloud Innovation Morning

Andrew Gartner, Vice President of Business Development from Planalytics will be speaking at this year’s SAP Industry Cloud Innovation Morning at Home House, London on 7 June 2023 starting at 8:45 am.

We’re looking forward to an exclusive morning of industry insights, networking opportunities, and breakfast with Industry Cloud partners to discuss some of the most current cutting edge solutions.

If you are interested in learning more about Planalytics or weather-driven demand analytics, contact David Frieberg, dfrieberg@planalytics.com or visit our website to schedule a time to meet during the event.

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Learn more about the Planalytics|SAP partnership. 


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SAP Sapphire & ASUG Annual Conference

Planalytics will be featured at this year’s SAP Sapphire & ASUG Annual Conference from May 16 – 17, at the Orange County Conference Center in Orlando, Florida. 

If you are interested in learning more about weather-driven demand analytics or Planalytics and would like to schedule a time to meet up at the conference, contact dfrieberg@planalytics.com or contact us.

Learn more about the Planalytics|SAP partnership. 

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Omnichannel Retail Leads to the Rise of Data-Driven Chief Merchants

A new RetailWire whitepaper, sponsored by SAP, dives into the expanding horizon of the data-driven Chief Merchant. This insightful paper suggests some new KPIs chief merchants may start focusing on and the role of today’s technology in merchandising.

In addition to the traditional revenue, margin, and growth KPIs, the paper suggests a list of new KPIs for Chief Merchants:

• Marketing response rates (by customer or campaign)
• Detailed basket analysis and/or product relationships online vs. store
• Detailed promotional sales and margin performance
• Store and digital placement analysis
• Dynamic pricing analysis across channels
• Supplier score-carding and/or product cost analysis
• Inventory turnover by channel
• Omnichannel order and fulfillment profitability

The whitepaper raises several interesting points including:

“Increasingly the merchants’ focus has expanded to include e-commerce and emerging channels, particularly around online’s inventory needs… As a result, Chief Merchants need to understand consumer behavior across all touch points through an increasingly analytical lense, with insights into all channels.”

“… delivering top-line growth now requires having the right quantities situated at the right stores, the right warehouses, the right fulfillment centers, in the right marketplaces, etc. based on where and how customers want their orders fulfilled.”

“Relative, localized assortments are driven by accurate history… as well as updated customer insights, and predictive intelligence.”

“Intelligent demand planning considers not only historical sales, but all influencing factors, such as the weather, events, and socio-economic factors to achieve greater forecast accuracy.”

Planalytics’ partnership with SAP enables integration of weather-driven demand analytics into SAP’s Customer Activity Repository for use in Demand Analytics, Unified Demand Forecasting, and additional applications. No other outside variable shifts consumer purchases as frequently, directly, and meaningfully as the weather. Together, Planalytics and SAP can help retailers and consumer-focused businesses stay ahead of these demand changes in all channels to minimize out-of-stocks, lower inventory costs, and improve margins.

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Blue Yonder ICON 2023

Planalytics will be sponsoring and attending this year’s Blue Yonder ICON 2023 conference from May 2 – 5, in Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas.

If you are interested in learning more about weather-driven demand analytics or Planalytics and would like to schedule a time to meet up at the conference, contact dfrieberg@planalytics.com or Contact Us.

Learn more about the Planalytics|Blue Yonder partnership. 

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Holiday Update Webcast

Join Planalytics and the National Retail Federation on Thursday, December 8, at 2 p.m. EST for a discussion of the current retail landscape and a preview of how we expect weather to influence consumers and drive demand during the upcoming 2022 holiday shopping season.


  • Evan Gold, EVP, Global Partnerships & Alliances, Planalytics
  • Katherine Cullen, Senior Director, Retail and Consumer Insights, NRF

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