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How Did Weather Affect
Demand Throughout Your
Selling Season?
Request a free weather impact analysis for a category of your choice

  • +15%
  • +42%
  • -9%
  • +7%

Analytics in Action

  • WeatherAnalytics

    Weather Analytics Help Businesses Plan

    (NBC Washington) Planalytics helps companies plan by watching the weather and predicting how consumers will react to the weather.

  • MTD

    Leading Walmart Suppliers Use Planalytics

    Hear how MTD Products leveraged Business Weather Intelligence to manage end of season inventory.

  • WeatherSmart

    WeatherSmart: Anticipate Demand. Promote Your Brand

    Daily solution for digital marketing and advertising.

Weatherization \we-thər-ə-zā-shən\

Weatherization is the process of identifying, analyzing and applying weather intelligence to provide measurable and quantitative returns across an organization.

Understanding and managing weather’s impact across the business remains a huge, untapped reservoir for profit enhancement. Weatherized companies are able to anticipate and mitigate the risks and capitalize on the opportunities created by the weather.

The financial impacts of ever-changing weather conditions are quantifiable. Leveraging detailed weather analytics, it is possible to isolate and calculate the percentage of total sales affected by weather trends. Our predictive analytics put weather in a business context and provide numbers a company can use to more effectively plan and optimize operations.