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ToolsGroup Partners with Planalytics to Bring Weather-Driven Analytics to Retail Planning

Retail planning customers can isolate, measure, and manage the influence on weather on their businesses

BOSTON, February 16, 2022: ToolsGroup, a global leader in supply chain planning and optimization software, has partnered with Planalytics to integrate their weather-driven demand (WDD) analytics with ToolsGroup’s retail planning solutions, enabling customers to isolate, measure, and manage the influence of weather on their businesses. This added insight ultimately results in increased forecast accuracy, more optimized inventory, and fewer lost sales as a result of sales-driven weather volatility.

ToolsGroup’s retail causal engine allows customers to take Planalytics’ WDD models and subscribe to weather impact analytics across products, categories, stores, and regions, with their metrics quantifying both historic and projected weather-based changes in demand. From merchandise class/sub-class/SKU-level to historical sales data, customers can capture the specific data points most important to their business.

Planalytics weather-driven demand analytics integrate with ToolsGroup retail planning solutions including demand forecasting, dynamic retail allocation, and replenishment software.

“We are thrilled to partner with ToolsGroup, enabling customers to proactively manage the impact of weather at scale,” said Frederic Fox, Planalytics Chief Executive Officer. “The seamless integration of predictive demand analytics into the industry leading retail planning solutions from ToolsGroup will help businesses quickly achieve meaningful benefits.”

“We’re excited to be able to offer customers weather-based demand insights from Planalytics,” said ToolsGroup Global Product Management Director Brett Bever. “Weather is constantly influencing consumer buying behavior, and is a crucial external variable to include in retail planning to boost top-line sales.”

About Planalytics
Planalytics, Inc. ( is a global leader in predictive demand analytics that enable companies to understand the customer context driving buying decisions and take action at scale. Planalytics provides product-specific, localized demand adjustments that isolate and quantify the consumer’s relationship with the weather. With visibility into weather-based demand volatility, retailers and other consumer businesses are able to enhance core processes including planning, allocation, replenishment, reporting, and digital marketing.

About ToolsGroup
ToolsGroup is how organizations improve product availability while right-sizing inventory, no matter how complex their supply chain is or how much demand changes. In a world that rarely follows the rules, our retail and supply chain planning suite optimizes and automates supply chains from production to purchase, enabling manufacturers, distributors and retailers to be ready for anything. That’s why global leaders like Absolut, BP and Harley-Davidson rely on us year after year. For more information, follow ToolsGroup on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or visit


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