Optimize Campaigns With Predictive Weather-Driven Demand (WDD) Analytics

Every day the weather influences the activities people choose to pursue and their purchasing mindsets. Proactively identifying these reactions — which vary significantly based on time of year, location, and other factors — is a proven way to increase digital marketing effectiveness by targeting consumers that are ready to buy with relevant content.  Businesses can improve click-throughs, sales, ROAS and more by optimizing campaigns with predictive Weather-Driven Demand (WDD) analytics that show when, where, and to what degree demand will be elevated or depressed for specific products or services.


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Digital marketing that overlaps with favorable, weather-induced demand leads to a larger than expected sales boost.  This “synergistic effect” emerges when marketing to audiences where the weather is creating demand inflates conversions or sales beyond what the expected promotional and weather lifts individually suggested. Conversely, it situations with negative weather backdrops, companies can choose to delay campaigns, save budget for another time, or shift spend to different markets or products. 

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Winning With The Weather

A national pest control service adjusted the timing of a promotional email based on market-level Weather-Driven Demand (WDD)

A DIY retailer activated Facebook and Instagram ads for markets experiencing positive WDD for spring categories

Higher than normal
open rates & 54% increase in leads (compared to
test group)
CTR increased by 353% & ROAS improved by 43% (vs. campaigns that were not optimized with WDD)



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As a seasonal business impacted by weather, we use Planalytics data and trends to optimize our marketing efforts. RainX logo

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