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Planalytics & pass_by Combine to Forecast The Future of Retail: Predictive Weather-Driven Analytics

By James Ewen

Key takeaways:

  • The Planalytics and pass_by partnership combines weather-driven business insights with precise foot traffic data, offering retailers an unparalleled tool for predicting consumer behavior and optimizing retail operations.
  • Retailers now have the ability to fine-tune operations, tailor marketing efforts, and enhance the customer experience with advanced notice of weather-influenced foot traffic patterns.
  • This collaboration provides a robust, data-driven approach to forecasting, enabling retailers to adjust for weather variability and understand its direct impact on shopping behaviour, leading to smarter, more effective business strategies.

In the dynamic landscape of retail, understanding and predicting consumer behavior is more than just a competitive advantage — it’s a necessity. Today, we’re excited to unveil a transformative partnership between Planalytics and pass_by, two leaders in their respective domains. This collaboration promises to set new standards in how retailers anticipate, understand, and respond to changes in weather across their venues.

The Genesis of this Partnership

The retail industry has always been influenced by a number of factors, with weather being a significant external variable, impacting consumer buying decisions on a daily basis. Recognizing the profound impact of weather on consumer behavior, Planalytics is at the forefront of providing weather-driven analytics. Their insights have empowered businesses to decode the intricate relationship between weather and retail performance.

On the other side of this partnership, pass_by has built a ground-truth verified model that powers its cutting-edge foot traffic intelligence platform. By offering predictive insights into consumer movements, pass_by has been instrumental in helping retailers globally strategize their operations.

This collaboration between Planalytics and pass_by marks the beginning of an era where retailers can benefit from an integrated solution. Powered by pass_by’s predictive footfall data, Weather-Driven Traffic metrics are now available inside the Planalytics platform.

The Implications for Retailers

Weather volatility has always been a challenge for retailers as it has a direct impact onfoot traffic. A sunny weekend often gets people into retail stores, , while rain, cold, and other unfavorable conditions can keep people at home and shift sales to online channels. By understanding and proactively addressing these patterns and the traffic impacts, retailers can:

Optimize Operations: From staffing to inventory management, retailers can make informed decisions and capitalize on opportunities based on anticipated foot traffic.

Tailor Marketing Efforts: With insights into when foot traffic will be elevated, marketing campaigns can be scheduled for maximum impact.

Enhance Customer Experience: Predicting foot traffic means retailers can be better prepared to serve in-store shoppers, increase satisfaction, and build customer loyalty.

Evaluate Performance: Weather-adjusted reporting enables retailers to better gauge business performance by factoring in localized Weather-Driven Traffic impacts.

A Deeper Dive into the Integrated Solution

The integrated Planalytics-pass_by solution offers a plethora of features:

Comprehensive Predictive Capabilities: By merging weather analytics with foot traffic predictions, retailers get a 360-degree view of potential influencers on consumer behavior.

Data-Driven Forecasting: The combined insights mean more accurate forecasting, allowing retailers to plan better, from sales strategies to in-store events.

Understanding Weather and Consumer Behavior: The integrated solution offers precise, localized calculation into how weather influences shopping behavior,

Looking Ahead

As we embark on this exciting journey, we’re committed to continuous innovation. The Weather-Driven Traffic insights offered by the Planalytics and pass_by partnership is just the beginning of a series of advancements that will redefine retail analytics.

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