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Planalytics Brings Weatherization to Agribusiness to Help Improve Planning Processes and Increase Profitability



Berwyn, PA, September 23, 2019 – Planalytics, the leading provider of weather-informed demand analytics and insights, is expanding its proprietary analytics capabilities to agribusiness and food supply chains, bringing a proven approach to capture planning accuracy improvements, inventory cost savings, and annual net income gains.

Companies that sell agricultural inputs, equipment, and services to farmers are all too familiar with the effect that weather can have on business performance. The 2019 growing season is just the most recent example. However, the inherent variability of the weather is a reality that many companies across many categories wrestle with every year, from building months-ahead sales forecasts and inventories to managing in-season weather developments. “For more than 20 years we have enabled retailers, suppliers, and service providers to understand and effectively manage the impacts of weather volatility on sales and profitability,” says Fred Fox, Planalytics founder and CEO. “Having analyzed over 40,000 product categories based on trillions of retail and supplier transactions through the use of cloud analytics, we are well equipped to analyze practically any food and agribusiness firm’s data and to isolate and quantify weather impacts.”

Planalytics’ Weatherization cloud-enabled analytics engine measures historic weather-based volatility on a business. Left unmeasured and unadjusted, these embedded weather biases add significant error to business plans. Combining demand and supply data with weather data can create metrics that can be incorporated into a company’s existing planning or demand forecasting processes and systems. Adds Fox, “consumer goods companies typically realize annual enterprise forecast accuracy improvements of 5-12 percent, and net income by 2-6 percent annually through inventory optimization gains alone.”

Companies interested in exploring how Weatherization can apply to their business should contact Jed Lafferty at (610) 854-2245 to request a complimentary Weather Impact Analysis. After completing the initial analysis, companies will know exactly how sales are impacted by the weather and clearly see the benefits of planning from a weather-adjusted perspective. Agribusiness firms can license Planalytics Weather Driven Demand analytics delivered through the company’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for integration into many leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) planning and demand forecasting solutions, including Planalytics partners like SAP, JDA Software, SAS, Oracle and others.


Planalytics, Inc. ( is the global leader in Business Weather Intelligence®. Through advanced weather analysis technologies, planning and optimization solutions, and industry-specific expertise, Planalytics helps companies precisely measure weather-driven impacts and effectively manage the never-ending variability of climate. Leading companies from a wide array of industries use Planalytics to “weatherize their business”, taking advantage of opportunities to increase revenue while deploying strategies to reduce costs and protect margins during periods of risk.