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Peer39 Unveils Contextual Data Marketplace, the First Cookie-free Data Marketplace


By: ExchangeWire PressBox

Peer39, the leading global provider of advanced contextual intelligence, today launched the Contextual Data Marketplace, a first-of-its-kind data Marketplace that gives advertisers direct access to innovative cookie-free data sets from emerging contextual data providers, while making these providers’ insights more easily accessible to programmatic ad buyers.

The Contextual Data Marketplace extends Peer39’s sophisticated layered system of components, processes, models and technology to data partners, helping these providers create new data products and then make them available, at scale, on leading DSPs. At launch, buyers will have access to new contextual insights from branded suppliers such as Newsguard, HotSpex Media and Planalytics, among others. More than a dozen more suppliers will come on board in 2021. . . .

. . . As the ad industry moves toward a post-cookie future, brands and agencies need ways to deliver targeted advertisements in privacy compliant fashion. Demand is steadily growing for data sets that provide insight and the understanding of context, making ads relevant for users with new and expanded levels of accuracy. Some of the companies entering the marketplace have long provided valuable insights to brands outside of the advertising segment. Many have experienced strong demand for their solutions in the marketing industry but have been challenged by the upfront costs and lengthy investment required on the technology and relationship front.

“The move away from behavioural signals has helped advertisers see that there’s so much more contextual insight available beyond page context,” said Frederic Fox, CEO of Planalytics. “The Product Demand Index is a powerful new contextual targeting option for brands, enabling them to choose audiences using location-specific analytics derived from weather insights. The easy access to the programmatic space will only help advertisers find greater scale for product categories that are in demand by consumers.”

Through the contextual marketplace, Peer39 serves as the conduit for advertisers to access and utilise these diverse contextual data sets, and for these data sets to become more widely available, via Peer39’s existing marketplace infrastructure. . .

How it works

. . . Through the Contextual Data Marketplace, Peer39 will extend its capabilities, algorithms, models, and technology, offering third parties unique capabilities, so that they can use them in model development or enhancement of their own offerings. Through this collaboration and use of marketplace toolsets, data partners will be able to produce data and publish back into Peer39’s contextual infrastructure, routing the data in real time globally. These new data categories are instantly available across a vast global programmatic ecosystem through leading demand-side platforms.

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