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Markham, ON – May 23, 2018 – The inaugural launch of Nielsen’s Connected Partner Program in Canada has shown success with its ecosystem of third-party Connected Partners. Today, Nielsen Canada announced an expansion of its Connected Partner Program by adding three Connected Partners: Planalytics, Prevedere and Profitero. These Connected Partners are an exciting addition to the Canadian Connected Partner roster as each has been able to deliver significant value to our shared clients as members of the U.S. program.

The Nielsen Connected Partner Program is an industry-first solution that helps companies easily connect their network, discover new Connected Partners and utilize the most robust measurement data in the world. This data ecosystem allows Nielsen Connected Partners to shift from managing and analyzing data to making smarter, faster decisions. Clients and approved Connected Partners will spend less time on data management and data alignment and more time focused on decisions that will drive the business forward. With Nielsen’s data as the backbone of this program, Nielsen clients and approved Connected Partners will harness more efficient and accurate analytics that drive better industry results.

“As both retailers and manufacturers navigate the dynamic FMCG landscape, the ability to work seamlessly with a variety of third parties becomes paramount. Through the Connected Partner Program, clients and Connected Partners will spend less time managing data so that they can focus on actionable analytics for better results.” says Mike Ljubicic, Managing Director, Nielsen Canada. “Open and collaborative approaches to data-driven decision making are the key to developing the “total consumer measurement” needed to foster collaboration to for sustained, profitable growth.”

Connected Partners Planalytics, Prevedere and Profitero, join Caddle, Destini and Fiddlehead as early adopters of the program in Canada. These Connected Partners share a common desire and responsibility to provide clients with solutions that help to enrich capabilities. Our expanded Connected Partner roster will bring new and innovative approaches to help clients win in today’s marketplace:

“The weather in Canada brings a lot of volatility to consumer purchasing and results in disruptions to all business sectors and functions,” says Evan Gold, EVP, Global Partnerships & Alliances, Planalytics. “Planalytics joined the Nielsen Connected Partner program to help businesses measure and manage the impact of weather. Nielsen customers that leverage the partnership with Planalytics will quantify the impacts of weather to support key processes around reporting, planning, and replenishment. Business will have visibility into true business performance through weather adjusted sales.”

“More than ever before, market uncertainty and increased competition are requiring FMCG leaders to gain a holistic view of consumer demand. This will need to include factors outside their four walls, such as wages, cost of fuel, social media trends, and consumer sentiment,” said Rich Wagner, CEO & President of Prevedere. “As a Nielsen Connected Partner in Canada, customers can now utilize ERIN, our cognitive computing engine, to quickly identify critical leading indicators in the Canadian marketplace, in turn providing a much-needed competitive advantage in demand planning.”

“Through the Connected Partner Program, Nielsen and Profitero are helping brands solve a big problem, which is how to create a unified view of performance that spans traditional brick and mortar retailers and rapidly accelerating e-commerce channels in Canada,” said Vol Pigrukh, CEO & Co-Founder of Profitero. Using Nielsen and Profitero data, clients can monitor and optimize their assortment, pricing, merchandising and marketing performance drivers across any store, both physical and digital, and maximize all growth opportunities in the Canadian market.”

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