June WeatherCall Report: Summer Sales Stall as U.S. Sees Coolest June Since 2009

Planalytics released its June 2023 WeatherCall report showing that demand for summer season products and services suffered due to cooler temperatures across much of the country, outside of Northwest, Western North Central, and parts of Texas.

An example of the regional variance in terms of consumer demand impact: Shorts were up by a healthy 30% in Seattle but down 5% in Atlanta. The Weather-Driven Demand (WDD) maps below highlight how most regions experience weather headwinds compared to last year.

Philadelphia (coolest since 1985), Las Vegas (1998), Cincinnati (2003), Nashville (2003), Denver (2004), Atlanta (2005), New York City (2009), and Los Angeles (2011) were some of the major metros recording their mildest Junes in at least a decade.

In Philadelphia, seasonal sales impacts compared to June 2022 included Air Conditioners (-19% WDD), Pool Chemicals (-14%), Sports Drinks (-12%), Outdoor Pest Control (-9%), and Tee Shirts (-7%).

On the other hand, in toasty and dry Seattle, summer items such as Suncare (+11% WDD vs. LY) and Sandals (+7%) saw demand increases.

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