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Holiday at Retail: Peaks, Valleys and Prolonged Promoting


By: David Moin with contributions from Sharon Edelson, Ellen Thomas

Mass discounters and off pricers have performed best in a holiday season that continues at least until New Year’s. . . 

. . . “The weather certainly was supportive of the store traffic and the items that consumers were putting in their baskets,” said Evan Gold, executive vice president of global partnerships and alliances at Planalytics, a weather intelligence service for businesses.

In particular, the weather benefited some big shopping days. According to Planalytics, the week that ended on Super Saturday was the coldest since 2016 and the driest since 2011, increasing the demand for winter jackets, gloves and sweaters.

For this week ending Dec. 28, it will be mostly dry for large portions of the U.S. “Weather is supportive of store traffic during the final days leading up to Christmas. For many, the temperatures are warmer in comparison to last year,” Gold reported.

Next week, ending Jan. 4, is forecast to be colder than last year in the Northeast but warmer in the West, and wet conditions return from the Southwest to the Northeast leading up to New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, which will include rain for many and snow for some, “which can shift post-Christmas purchasing from in-store to online,” Gold said. It could also discourage going out to stores. . . .

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