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Planalytics’ predictive demand analytics that enable companies to understand the customer context driving buying decisions and take proactive and profitable actions at scale.  By systematically factoring in key influencers of purchasing, retailers are able to better align inventories with expected demand, increase customer satisfaction, and improve financial performance.

Grocers need to optimize demand forecasts in order to balance inventory costs and perishables shrink in a way that doesn’t sacrifice service levels. Planalytics’ integration-ready metrics enables food retailers to leverage existing technologies and operationalize product-specific, localized demand insights across the thousands of SKUs.

Integrating Planalytics’ metrics enable companies to adjust inventories based on when, where, and how much certain products will see demand increasing or decreasing due to upcoming weather conditions. Integrating Planalytics’ weather-driven demand analytics is generating at
least $3 million in EBITDA annually per $1 billion in revenue.


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