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Forecast for Fashion: Second Half Less Grim

Women’s Wear Daily

By: David Moin

Consumers are in a position to shop more, though fashion is not necessarily top of mind.

Despite all the political rancor and store closings blanketing the country, there’s hope for retail yet. Just don’t expect fashion to be a major part of it.  . . .

“From a weather perspective this fall there will be a business-friendly environment,” said Evan Gold, executive vice president, global services, Planalytics, which helps businesses address the impact of the weather. “The core of the opportunity, for things like fleece and gloves, will be early in the season — September, October and November when customers are more sensitive to weather changes.” Cooler weather for back-to-school and the fall should also spur sales of jeans. “Businesses need to look and allocate items appropriately. The weather is not homogeneous throughout the country. They’ve got to look regionally,” cautioned Gold.

Fall 2016 was the second warmest season in 122 years, “basically in recorded history,” Gold said. “For each month from August to October, New York City had monthly average temperatures that were four degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the year before, and as late as Oct. 19, 2016, the city reached a record 86 degrees, at a time when temperatures typically don’t get much above 60.” By November, temperatures cooled down, lifting demand for hats and gloves by 15 percent.”  . . .

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