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A Heat Wave Sweeping the Western U.S. Has Become a Saving Grace For Sandal Sales

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By: Hilary George-Parkin

We may be just two short weeks from September, but record-breaking temperatures across many Western U.S. states are encouraging a late-season surge in sandal sales.

The heat wave — which has brought temperatures north of 100 degrees this week from Idaho to California — has kept many shoppers indoors, but it has also boosted sales for certain summer inventory, which many retailers still have plenty of on shelves due to COVID-19 store closures and delivery delays. . . .

. . . According to Planalytics, a business weather intelligence company, the recent heat has given sandals a sales bump in several Western U.S. cities. “This is undoubtedly a welcome development for shoe retailers as they look to clear out summer inventories after such a difficult start to the season,” said David Frieberg, the company’s VP of marketing.

Isolating the impact of the weather alone on demand for sandals, it found that the category got a 17% lift in Sacramento (versus the 9% expected at this time of year). . . .

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