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Weatherizing a Retail Business

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016 Time: 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Weather is a volatile, external variable that significantly impacts your business in a variety of ways every day. Retailers typically see an average of 5% of total annual sales affected by the weather, with seasonal businesses having much greater impacts.

Understanding and managing the weather remains a huge, untapped reservoir for profit enhancement. Join us on October 11th to learn how retailers can proactively and systematically manage the opportunities and risks created by never-ending weather volatility with Planalytics WeatherizationSM.

Many retailers fail to identify and account for the weather variability that is embedded in the previous year’s sales. Consequently, retailers build plans on weather-biased data and unintentionally increase the error in their business forecasts. This results in business forecasts that are not aligned with consumer demand leading to lost sales, higher inventory carrying costs, and other operational inefficiencies.

Webcast Topics:

  • Weather Volatility and Its Hidden Costs
  • Quantifying Weather’s Impact on Consumer Demand
  • The Benefits of Weather-Adjusted Planning

The weather never stops changing and it’s constantly influencing consumers, their purchases, and your business. Don’t let the weather go unaccounted. Learn how to recapture profitability by weatherizing your business.

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