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The Weather Playbook for Retail: Leveraging Weather-Driven Demand to Manage Weather Volatility

Join Planalytics and Wedbush Securities on wedbush logoThursday,
October 13th at 10:30 a.m. (EDT) for our webcast:
The Weather Playbook for Retail: Leveraging Weather-Driven Demand to Manage Weather Volatility. To register, please complete the form below.

Over the past year and including Hurricane Matthew, volatile weather in United States has materially impacted sales in multiple retail sub-sectors. As we annualize these abnormal weather patterns, sales trends may once again shift sharply.

Fred Fox is CEO and co-founder of Planalytics, a global leader in Business Weather Intelligence that helps companies effectively assess and address how weather impacts their businesses. The company’s models project the impact of changes in weather on consumer demand at a store-level, region-level, company-level, and retail sub-sector level. In our webcast with Mr. Fox, we will focus on the concept of weather-driven demand and its implications for home improvement retail, DIY auto retail and specialty apparel retail.

We will highlight sub-sectors and companies likely to be most significantly impacted by weather changes through this upcoming winter season, a topic that may receive additional attention in coming weeks as companies report 3Q results and guide 4Q. We will also discuss near-term implications for retailers related to the preparations and aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

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Memorial Day and Early Summer Outlook

Join Planalytics and Oliver Chen from Cowen and Company on Thursday, May 26th at 1 p.m. (EDT) for our Memorial Day and Early Summer Outlook.

On this webcast we will highlight how weather is expected to influence consumers Memorial Day weekend and during the early summer months, as well as provide an overview of the current state of the retail environment.

Topics covered on this webinar include:

  • How weather will impact consumers during ​the run-up to and including Memorial Day weekend and the early summer months with a comparison to 2015
  • Product categories that are likely to be boosted/hurt by the weather
  • Highlight any traffic limiting events
  • Temperature/Precipitation projections for various U.S. regions and the businesses that will benefit from those conditions
  • Overview of the current state of the retail environment, including an outlook

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