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Business Weather Intelligence Breakfast Seminar

LOCATION: Hotel Torre Catalunya (Avinguda de Roma, 2-4, 08014 Barcelona)
*There is no cost to attend but registration is required (form below)

Planalytics invites you to join us for a breakfast seminar where we will highlight how companies can effectively manage weather-related opportunities and risks with Planalytics Business Weather Intelligence.


Measure & Analyse

  • Understand specifically when, where and how much weather affects your business.
  • Use Weather-Driven Demand (WDD) to isolate and quantify weather’s influence on overall footfall or transactions and specific categories.
  • Track and project weather’s impact on sales across time periods (weekly, monthly, etc.), geographies (countries, markets, etc.) and products/services/channels.
  • Evaluate performance from a business perspective – rather than trying to make sense of meteorological statistics – by using WDDs to identify and compare weather’s impact (e.g. advertising effectiveness across regions, weekly sales across channels, etc.)

Plan & Optimise

  • Improve forecast accuracy by removing weather volatility from historical sales (Deweatherisation) and then build plans from a smarter, WDD-adjusted baseline.
  • Identify when and where demand will be higher or lower to better align inventories with opportunities, increase sales and reduce costs.
  • Use WeatherSmart Marketing – a daily outlook of demand favourability for a product/service by market – to optimise marketing, advertising, eCommerce and social media activities.
  • Capitalise on in-season weather insights and WDDs to adjust pricing and promotions, inventory and replenishment, staffing and other operational decisions.

Business Weather Intelligence Examples

  • Review case study examples from Planalytics clients.
  • Overview of weather-driven demand impacts across Europe for 2014 FALL & HOLIDAY SHOPPING SEASONS.

There is no cost to attend but space is limited and registration is required. Please complete the form below to request your seat.


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