Major Hurricane Ida Slammed into Louisiana Bringing Catastrophic Impacts to Infrastructure and Power Grids. Very Heavy Rain Led to Devastating Flash Flooding Through the Tennessee Valley and Mid-Atlantic Regions. Demand for Heating and Cooling Services Soared.



  • Temperatures trended very warm with high humidity levels across the Plains states elevating the need for cooling products such as fans, air conditioners, etc.
  • However, the week was most notable for the havoc that Major Hurricane Ida wrought to a large portion of the U.S.
  • Ida made landfall as a potent Category 4 hurricane in Louisiana that devastated the area with 150mph winds, up to 15 inches of rain, and considerable storm surge. Over 1,000,000 power outages were reported n the region and, with significant damage to infrastructure, it may take weeks to fully restore power to the region. HVAC services were and will continue to be greatly in need.
  • As Ida tracked northeast through the Tennessee Valley and Mid-Atlantic regions, extremely heavy rain totaling 6 to 10 inches on average brought massive flash and river flooding. An additional 500,000+ power outages occurred in the highly populated Northeast as strong tornadoes ripped through the area. HVAC service calls sharply increased as a result of the lengthy outages.










Weather-Driven Demand is the measured impact of weather — and weather alone — expressed as a percentage change from last year or normal, either favorable (positive) or unfavorable (negative).

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