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Manage Inventory Uncertainty in Uncertain Times

Thursday, June 25th, 2020 Time: 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

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Enhanced Retailers Solutions will be hosting a webcast featuring Planalytics.


• James Lewis, Founder & CEO, Enhanced Retailers Solutions
• Evan Gold, VP, Global Partnerships & Alliances, Planalytics

There are a number of external variables that constantly influence consumer purchasing decisions. Weather is constantly throwing retailers a curve and the recent pandemic has significantly changed demand trends. History is no longer a reliable benchmark to work from. New algorithms will need to be created and smart, experienced demand planners will need to “pressure test” assumptions to optimize inventory productivity. Join Enhanced Retail Solutions and Planalytics for a webinar that shows how weather-informed demand analytics provides businesses with the visibility and actionable metrics they need to capture more sales, improve inventory productivity, and reduce costs.

Webinar topics include:

• Measuring the impact of weather on sales with weather-driven demand.
• How to best allocate door level inventory based on store re-openings + weather.
• Identifying sales opportunities and risks throughout the selling season.
• Review of recent spring weather impacts and a look at weather-based opportunities and risks for the summer.
• How to optimize sell-through of seasonal merchandise.