How active and severe is the coming
tropical storm season?

About which geographic locations should I be
most concerned?

Planalytics’ Global Severe Weather Service provides insights into most types of volatile weather perils of concern to the reinsurance and insurance-linked securities sectors.

Areas of focus include:

Atlantic & Pacific Tropical Storm

  • Pre-Season Detailed Forecasts
  • Pre-Season County-Level Strike Probability Forecasts for the U.S.
  • In-Season Forecasts and Daily Monitoring/Alerts

European Windstorm

  • Pre-Season Detailed Forecasts
  • In-Season Forecasts and Daily Monitoring/Alerts

U.S. Tornado, Flood, Convective Storm, Winter Storm, & Wildfire

  • Pre-Season Outlooks
  • In-Season Forecasts and Daily Monitoring/Alerts

Atlantic & Pacific Tropical Storm

Seasonal Strike Forecast

The Seasonal Strike Forecast is an aggregate view of the individual Threat Situations Forecasts, focusing on landfall potential vs. climatology for any category of storm.


We employ proprietary forecasting models and research to produce long-range storm forecasts of the timing windows, storm tracks, and peak intensity of tropical storms. Our overall accuracy rate is 70%, and 81% of our preseason threats are accurate on at least two of the three forecast parameters.

Pre-Season Forecasts: Atlantic Basin

Pre-season forecasts for the entire Atlantic basin season are delivered to clients in February each year, and include county strike probability maps and tables for the United States.


Pre-Season Forecasts: Western and Eastern Pacific

Pre-season tropical storm forecasts for the Western and Eastern Pacific are delivered to clients in March.










The service also includes regular client consultations via meetings, phone calls, and webcasts.

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