What Our Clients Are Saying

I’ve known the Planalytics team for almost 20 years and have been a client for over half that time. They are vastly experienced meteorologists whose predictive science has proven over time to be sufficiently accurate that we at Resolute Global Partners want this information as we build our model portfolio at the start of each underwriting year. Their approach and ‘threat period’ methodology is easy to understand, and the candour with which they score themselves at the end of each wind season is refreshing and honourable. We are very happy clients.
The Planalytics team have been a great resource due to their invaluable weather forecasts. Planalytics supports our research and risk management efforts, including Atlantic and Pacific hurricanes/ typhoons, European winter storm, and severe weather or wildfire potential in the United States. We have found the forecasts timely, informative, and most importantly, accurate.

We have been working together with the team at Planalytics for several years and find their long-term forecasts to be helpful in how we think about portfolio construction for our ILS strategies. While there is always a degree of uncertainty in long-range forecasts, we find the skill exhibited in terms of trend and general direction of activity to be quite good. Schroders Capital Logo


The Property Insurance Business Problem

The insurance industry is well equipped with tools and expertise for analyzing and pricing catastrophic weather risks, particularly for the major peril, tropical cyclones.

But this risk assessment is based mostly on climatology data, recent storm history, model scenarios, and assumptions. These have not proven to be accurate or helpful in anticipating severe storm losses in particular geographic regions in a given year.

In the case of Atlantic basin hurricanes, seasonal forecasts are widely available from various sources. But these “top-down” forecasts are too general, inaccurate, and frequently revised to aid in effective decision making.  When it comes to Pacific basin cyclones, the utility and accuracy of these general season forecasts compared to climatology is even lower.


The Solution

Planalytics’ Global Severe Weather Service provides year-round forecasting, monitoring, tracking, and alerting of weather perils. We deliver targeted actionable insights into the volatile weather risks of concern to the re/insurance and insurance-linked securities industries. Areas of focus include:

Atlantic Tropical Storm

  • Pre-season Detailed Threat Situation Forecasts for the Atlantic Basin, including the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico – January
  • Seasonal Strike Risk Forecast for the United States – January
  • Pre-season County-Level Strike Probability Forecast for the United States – January
  • In-Season Daily Forecasts and Monitoring/Alerts – June through November

 Pacific Tropical Storm

  • Northwestern Pacific Pre-season Detailed Forecasts – March
  • Japan Prefecture Tropical Threat Probabilities – March
  • Eastern Pacific Pre-season Detailed Forecasts – March
  • Southwest Pacific (Australia) Detailed Forecasts – July
  • In-Season Daily Forecasts and Monitoring/Alerts for NW, SW,
    and Eastern Pacific – Year-round

Europe Windstorm

  • Pre-season Detailed Forecasts – October
  • In-Season Forecasts and Daily Monitoring/Alerts – October through March

U.S. Tornado, Flood, Convective Storm, Winter Storm, & Wildfire

  • Pre-season Outlooks – Timing varies by peril
  • In-season Outlook Updates – Monthly
  • In-Season Daily Forecasts and Monitoring/Alerts

Planalytics’ Global Severe Weather Service also includes regular client consultations via meetings, phone calls, and webcasts.


For additional information, contact Jim Gagne, Head of Financial and Insurance Services, jgagne@planalytics.com.

To schedule a personal consultation about how Planalytics can help your company,
contact Jeff Doran,



Atlantic Tropical Storm

Preseason Tropical Storm Threat Situation Forecasts: Atlantic Basin

Planalytics employs proprietary forecasting models and research to produce “bottom-up” long-range forecasts of “threat situations” – active periods and locations. Within these threats, we forecast the timing, path, and peak intensity of tropical storms expected to occur within the threat period.

There are typically one to three actual storms that occur within the period and location of each threat situation forecast. The primary threat period ranges from 10 to 14 days.

2022 Atlantic Threat Forecast and Verification


Atlantic Threat Forecast Accuracy Table 16 years

Only Planalytics has the proven ability to show clients when, where, and what to expect four months before the start of the tropical storm season. Moreover, because we rarely revise or even tweak the forecasts once issued, clients can proactively make critical portfolio management and hedging decisions.


2022 Atlantic Seasonal Strike Risk Map




Seasonal Strike Risk Forecast: Atlantic Basin
The Seasonal Strike Risk Forecast is an aggregate view of the individual threat situation forecasts, focusing on the relative landfall potential by storm intensity.








County-Level Strike Probability Forecast: United States

Our Atlantic Basin pre-season forecasts include county strike probability maps and spreadsheet data tables for the continental U.S. This data can be formatted to import into catastrophe models for customized Planalytics-adjusted views of risk expressed in dollars.

Category 3 Map and Table


Pacific Tropical Storm

Pre-season Tropical Storm Threat Forecasts: Western and Eastern Pacific

Planalytics clients receive our threat forecasts for the Western and Eastern Pacific in March.

2022 Pacific Tropical Threat Forecast Verifications


Europe Windstorm

2022-2023 Europe Wind Forecast

Pre-season Forecasts: Europe Windstorm

Our pre-season European windstorm forecast is released to clients in early October. It is based on the same underlying model as our pre-season tropical storm forecasts.  Though we do not forecast individual storm threat situations for Europe winter windstorms, we break the season into the current-year period and the new-year period. The forecast also breaks out north, central, and south Europe.






In-Season Monitoring, Forecasting, Alerting

The service includes daily storm monitoring and regular client consultations with a team of senior meteorologists. They specialize in severe weather and provide industry-specific focus and knowledge.

Our short-range forecast support includes:

  • Global daily monitoring, forecasting and alerting of high-wind events
  • Sent via email every day, including weekends/holidays. Includes links to the full report with maps and graphics
  • Daily Tropical Development Report for Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Central America, Northwestern Pacific, Eastern Pacific, Southwestern Pacific (Australia)
  • Europe Wind Daily Report
  • Event Alert email notices typically several days ahead of government agency advisories
  • Alert notices employ graphics as needed to help convey a clear message

Planalytics clients in the insurance, reinsurance, and insurance-linked securities industries know more. They know sooner about the timing, path, and intensity of developing tropical storms and windstorms, allowing them to gain valuable time and make more informed decisions. Planalytics clients often receive event alert notices one or two days before the release of government and other private weather
service advisories.