Boosting Digital Marketing Returns with Predictive Consumer Demand Analytics

Learn how companies are factoring in a key external driver of consumer purchasing to optimize digital marketing activities and generate better returns.

“Context is King” when it comes to consumer spending and businesses that know when to spend/not spend, know what product to feature, and know which markets and individuals will be most receptive to messaging can improve campaign effectiveness and performance metrics.

No other external variable influences consumer purchasing as immediately, frequently, and meaningfully as the weather. However, meteorological data in a vacuum is not the same – nor nearly as useful and effective – as weather-driven demand analytics. Planalytics puts a consumer context around the weather, creating analytics that companies use to improve digital marketing.

Webinar topics include:

  • Overview of weather-driven demand analytics.
  • Taking advantage of the “synergistic effects” of promoting into favorable weather-based demand situations.
  • Use case examples for email marketing, digital display, and social advertising.