Weatherize Your Business

The Opportunity

Weather is one of the largest external variables impacting a consumer-focused business.
No other outside variable shifts consumer buying behavior as frequently, directly, immediately, or meaningfully as the weather. Planalytics identifies, analyzes and applies weather intelligence to provide quantitative returns across an organization. Businesses typically gain 2-6% of incremental net income annually by removing weather-driven distortions from past sales. Using "deweatherized" baselines, companies are able to improve the accuracy of their plans and reduce lost sales and inventory costs.


Measure the Impact

Weather-based sales variations can be proactively measured and managed.
Planalytics provides the insights to understand and precisely quantify the impact of weather volatility on top-level transactions all the way down to the category level by time period and location. These analytics provide much needed transparency into an organization’s true performance, enabling companies to accurately report weather-adjusted sales, effectively plan future demand, allocate resources, and improve operational effectiveness. From quantifying and forecasting topline revenue implications to planning, allocation and replenishment decisions, companies can enhance their business operations, increasing revenue and mitigating costs.


Drive Decisions, Deliver Results

Once you understand weather’s effects and implications on the business, there are many ways to proactively and smartly manage the impact throughout the organization. A weatherized business can identify and take advantage of weather-driven opportunities, prepare for unfavorable periods and minimize unnecessary expenses.

Weather has many impacts across a retail enterprise. Contact us today to find out how weather analytics can help your company achieve greater profitability and success.

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