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Fung Global Retail and Technology shared some of their key takeaways from JDA Focus 2016. Planalytics’ partnership with JDA, focusing on forecast accuracy improvement, made the list at #1!

1. JDA Labs Is Undertaking New Initiatives and Partnering with Planalytics

Based in Montreal, Canada, JDA Labs explores the future of JDAsupply
chain and creates new solutions based on JDA clients’ specific business challenges. The lab is responsible for research, proof of concept and product innovation, and operates on the principle of “fail often and fail fast.” Some interesting projects the lab has taken on include returns forecasting, 3D supply chain, persona research and inventory optimization. One of the lab’s notable partnerships is with weather intelligence company Planalytics. The two organizations are working together to improve JDA’s sales demand accuracy. To that end, Planalytics layered its weather-driven time series onto JDA’s demand planning data. For preseason planning, the combined time series demonstrated a 4.9% improvement in terms of accuracy. When weather information for “in-season” replenishment was added, the series showed a 3.2% additional accuracy improvement. JDA and Planalytics are also exploring new weather models and operational flows at the lab.