Food.  We can’t live without it. And the single biggest factor affecting our planet’s ability to produce enough food, fiber and bio-fuels to sustain an ever-growing global population is The Weather.

Thanks to technological advances in seed genetics, chemistry and animal health, fewer farmers are producing more food on less land than ever before.   But while these trends are expected to continue, Weather volatility remains the one constant in the risk-reward equation.

Farming is Local.  Agriculture is Global.  Weather is Both.

For global agribusiness firms that produce and sell the inputs farmers need to grow crops and raise animals, Planalytics provides the insights and perspectives that businesses need to make better, more timely decisions about the effects of Weather on opportunities and risks.  Our analytical models are used to project planting and harvesting dates as well as conditions conducive to pests across a broad spectrum of crops and geographies.  We also utilize satellite imagery extensively to analyze and quantify the effects of Weather on crop health and yields, information used by financial institutions and insurance companies to mitigate risk.

Your Personal Weather Advisor® 

More than “big data” and forecasts, Planalytics acts as Your Personal Weather Advisor®,  providing concrete, actionable intelligence and unique insights about Weather and its measured impact on agriculture and agribusiness at various levels.  On the farm.  At the grain terminal.  In the Board Room.

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