Outside Influence: Dick’s Sporting Goods & FreshDirect Boost Performance with Predictive Weather-Driven Demand Analytics


Hear our clients discuss the benefits of
Planalytics Predictive Weather-Driven Demand Analytics.


What predictive analytics means to FreshDirect 4:18

How weather impacts demand on a grocery business 7:56

Optimizing inventories and reducing waste

The effects of Covid on FreshDirect 14:10

New food habits caused by changes in the weather 18:41

First steps in operationalizing WDD 22:01


The challenges that are addressed by Dick’s Sporting Goods partnership with Planalytics  6:42

How weather influences online shoppers  11:53

The effects of Covid on Dick’s Sporting Goods  16:33

Creating locally relevant online experiences   17:08

Using WDD: Personalization at scale – the data, tools and processes 20:44

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