Target Your Content and Spend

With tighter advertising budgets, driving conversions requires your business to smartly target content and optimize when and where you spend more limited dollars. Utilizing weather analytics to understand how the conditions outside will be shifting consumer mindsets and demand trends is a great way to more effectively target your content and spend.

Weekly Highlights

The maps below indicate how the weather over the June 14-20 time period compares to what is “normal” for each market this time of year (images on the left) as well as the temperatures and precipitation variances the prior week. More importantly, the Weather-Driven Demand analytics below the maps provide a critical perspective on how where consumer demand for specific products will be strengthening due to the weather outside.

The following metros will be “in market” for these categories due to favorable weather:

It will be warming up across the country, but eastern regions will be cooler than normal.

For Suncare, demand strength is growing in Burlington (20% vs prior week), Duluth (+19%) and New Orleans (+10%). Considering targeting these markets instead of Los Angeles (-27%) and Philadelphia (-10%) where demand is weakening due to the weather.

Planalytics’ weather-based analytics can provide valuable perspective for marketing and advertising:

  • Identify when your products and services will be in demand due to the weather so you can feature your brand to consumers that are ready to buy.
  • View weather favorability for a category across different times and in different markets so you can spend money when and where it is most likely to pay off.
  • Avoid exposure and expense when and where your product or service will not be relevant.
  • Drive sales and improve ROAS, conversion rates, and other key metrics.