What Will an Early Easter Mean for Retailers?


What does an earlier Easter weekend mean for retailers? That question depends on the weather conditions in a particular location. Spring weather around the Easter holiday often shifts the drivers for spring product categories such as apparel, home goods, sporting goods, and leisure activities. As the time of year changes, so do the drivers for demand of specific products.

When you think of Easter Sunday, what style of clothing comes to mind? For many, a picturesque Easter includes sun dresses, short sleeve shirts, shorts, and sandals. Typically, the parkas, hats, gloves, and other mainstays of winter are packed away around this time of year.

But an earlier Easter could present more risk for retailers as cooler weather could damped demand for seasonal items. The Easter holiday in 2016 will take place on March 27, which is earlier than most years where it occurs in the first or second weekend of April. Conversely, a warmer Easter holiday in March could mean increased sales for retailers, restaurants, movie theaters, and jumpstart the spring shopping season.

So what should Easter weekend look like for retailers across the country? Planalytics identifies the weather impact for leading retailers and retail suppliers.

The weather-driven demand for the week ending 3/26 for a few products are:

Shorts +5

Short Sleeve Shirts +5

Sandals +3

Retail Traffic +1.5

Easter Outlook; The East will warm with potential showers on Easter Sunday. Rain and thunderstorms threaten holiday festivities across the central and southeastern U.S. California will be warm and dry.