October 21-22, 2017

Signs of life for autumn season demand in the East

The eastern half of the country has trended mostly warmer than normal through the first three weeks of October, slowing sales of seasonal products and services. However, temperatures have turned cooler over the past week, which is helping trigger demand. East coast populations are feeling a bit cooler!  The blue shown on maps above displaying this weekend compared to last weekend indicate this cooling trend.

So, while still warmer than normal, demand for seasonal categories has improved on a week-over-week basis in many eastern markets. Below are examples of Planalytics Weather-Driven Demand calculations compared to last week:

FLEECE (Weather-Driven Demand vs. Last Week)
  • +28% in Philadelphia, +11% in Raleigh, and +16% in Raleigh.
HEATING (Weather-Driven Demand vs. Last Week)
  • +57% in Atlanta, +42% in Baltimore, and +21 in Boston.
SOUP (Weather-Driven Demand vs. Last Week)
  • +8% in Columbia, +7% in Knoxville, and +5% in New York.

*Planalytics’ Weather-Driven Demand calculations quantify how the weather alone will drive changes in the demand or sales of specific product categories.  The examples above are compared to normal weather conditions for this time of year in individual markets.


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