Week Ending July 30, 2022 / Retail Week 26 / July Week 4

Cooler Across the Middle, Hotter Around the Edges. Rain, Storms, and Flooding. Three-Way Split in Canada. Stormy Prairies, Drier West and East.


Weather-Driven Demand (WDD) Category Notables

Weather-Driven Demand Legend

WDDs represent the estimated % change in demand of the product / category based purely on the year-over-year changes in weather. 


Weekly Summary

2022-08-01_WDD Temp Precip Notables


Cooler Center, Hotter Coasts. A most welcome shot of cooler air broke the heat across the middle of the country , but hotter temperatures covered both coasts and the South Central region. Portland, OR topped 100° and Seattle reaching the 90s for 6 straight days. Both cities were hottest since 2009. The Northwest region was hottest in the past 60+ years, the South Central since 2012, and the Southeast since 2016. Salt Lake City and Tampa were also hottest in the past 60+ years. Conversely, the Southwest Coast was coolest since 2013, and the North Central regions and Southwest since 2017. Phoenix was coolest since 1999, Las Vegas since 2003.

Storms and Flooding Rain. Heavy rain broke out from the South Central to Mid-Atlantic causing severe flash flooding from St. Louis to eastern Kentucky. Storms also tracked across the North and monsoon rains expanded across the West. The Eastern North Central region was wettest since 2011, The Southwest since 2014, and the Northwest 2015. St. Louis was wettest in the past 60+ years. There were around 400 reports of severe weather, including around 10 tornados.

Cooling for the Prairies, Hotter for the Rest. Western and eastern Canada experienced a hotter vs. LY trend but cooler air settled across the Prairies. Calgary was hottest in the past 60+ years, Vancouver since 2009. Conversely, Winnipeg was coolest since 2013. Showers and storms were scattered across central and eastern Canada. Winnipeg was wettest since 2012, Toronto since 2017.

Last Year (week-ending 07/31/21), the U.S. was coolest and driest since 2019. Canada was coolest since 2013 and driest since 2020.


Weekend Review

The weekend trended hotter than LY for much of the Northern Tier but southern areas were near to below LY. Rain and storms moved across the North Central region and extended from the Southwest Coast to the Mid Atlantic region. Most of Canada was hotter than LY with a cool pocket in the Prairies. Storms tracked across the center of the country.


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