Using FlashWeather to Make Better Weather-based Business Decisions

What was the weather like last week in your markets? While you can easily find this weather data, can you use the information to identify sales opportunities? Probably not. This is where weather analytics has been revolutionizing how businesses leverage the weather to improve their sales.  Understanding the weather and leveraging analytics to forecast sales and its effect on consumer behavior is an untapped resource that businesses are only beginning to understand. For example:

It’s 85 degrees in New York City in May. What does this mean for customers there, and how do purchasing trends differ here on a hot day in spring than for customers in Phoenix?

It was a warmer winter last year. How do businesses quantify the impacts and build an effective sales plan for the upcoming winter?

Scenarios like these are commonplace in retail, food service, and other industries, and determining how consumer behavior is affected by the weather by region and by season can greatly impact your bottom line. Planalytics was founded to help companies measure and manage the impact of weather on their business and leverage Business Weather Intelligence® to make smarter business decisions. We differ from others out there because we provide data in a context that managers can use to explain sales and manage their business. We have helped a variety of Fortune 500 companies across a spectrum of verticals use weather intelligence throughout their organization.

Below is a snippet of our FlashWeather report which provides clients with weather analytics and trends of the past week to help them gain a better understanding of what is going on now in their region and industry.  The full FlashWeather report doesn’t just tell the weather, it provides companies with predictive analytics to how weather will affect their bottom line.

For more information about all of our weather intelligence offerings, please contact us today to speak with a Planalytics representative.