What is Fair Price for Each of Your Snow Removal Contracts?


Planalytics’ SnowMetrixSM provides businesses with data-driven insights that help companies successfully plan for and manage the volatility of winter weather, and the impact of snow and ice on their business performance.

SnowMetrix leverages more than 60 years of market-by-market snow information, statistical probability analyses, and contract evaluation tools to bring visibility to the snow removal budgeting and contracting process.SnowMetrix evaluates multiple vendor bids by location to determine which contract structures (e.g. seasonal vs.per event) and pricing parameters (e.g.) prices per inch or depth ranges) offer the best value and least risk based on expected costs over a multiyear period.

Pre-season, SnowMetrix’s contract optimization service enables companies to select optimal bids or negotiate better snow removal contracts. In-season, SnowMetrix provides market-by-market budget tracking tools and updated cost estimates based on the actual weather-to-date, near-term weather forecasts, and statistical probability forecasts for the balance of the season.

Improve ROI by more effectively matching snow removal contracts with a market’s risk profile. For more information, please complete the form below and a Planalytics representative will contact you.