Plan Ahead for the Upcoming Holiday Shopping Season by Measuring The Business Weather Impact

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Now that we are in the middle of September, businesses are looking ahead to the very important fall season and holiday shopping period. There’s no question that most retailers will be looking for more seasonal weather than last year. You will probably recall that November and December were unseasonably warm in many parts of the country. While this may have been great for golfers, retailers (especially apparel and department store chains) saw diminished sales.


Planalytics was interviewed by CNBC at the beginning of this year to recap the sluggish holiday shopping season. Specialty apparel stores alone lost $572 million in November and December due to the weather. Although the colder weather eventually came, it wasn’t soon enough. Luckily, weather conditions are rarely similar year-over-year. This year Planalytics expects to see strong opportunities throughout the holiday season.


Managing Weather-Demand Impact Using Analytics


Retailers consistently face issues planning for the upcoming season, especially due to weather volatility. Retailers that deweatherize their plans and leverage weather-driven demand analyticswill see many sales opportunities going into the holiday season. But how many businesses have actually quantified the weather impact and made the necessary adjustments to their sales forecasts? This is where Planalytics’ business intelligence services can help. Weather analytics allows companies to gain a better understanding of customer demand shifts based on the weather.


Planalytics provides weather intelligence to help organizations like yours quantify the effects and implications the weather has on a business. Planalytics offers both transaction-level and product-level analytics to give organizations a full picture of weather’s impacts.


With weather analytics, organizations can more accurately track financial performance, report weather-adjusted sales, optimize inventory management and allocation, and streamline operations to name a few. They can plan for future demand, adjust sales based off of weather volatility, and take advantage of opportunities and minimize losses during down periods.

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Are you looking to weatherize your business? Planalytics offers various Big Data weather services to help businesses gain a better perspective of their weather-driven impact. As last year showed, retailers, restaurants, and other businesses cannot afford to take a passive approach to weather volatility and customer demand shifts. Contact us today to learn more about how your business can prepare for the upcoming Holiday Season.