Ready, Set, Shop! A Dry November Capped Off by Black Friday Weekend Supported Store Traffic.

Regional Trends Featured Colder Than LY Temperatures in the East, Strong Warmth in the West.

The U.S. had its driest November since 1976 with the least snowfall since 2012, lifting traffic into shopping destinations throughout the month. Temperatures were the warmest in 55+ years, although trends
were varied East vs. West. Canada also had its warmest November in over 55 years with the least rain since 2012 and below normal snowfall.WP 2016 Q4 F5 Temp

Significant Weather Events

  • Dry Turkey For Most Over Black Friday Weekend; Cold in the East, Warm in the West
    • Throughout the weekend, the prevailing trend had major markets along the East Coast colder than LY while the interior and West were warm. The dry conditions support traffic into malls, outlet centers, and restaurants.
    • Averaged across the U.S., the holiday weekend (November 24-27) was the warmest since 2011 with rainfall below LY and normal. Snowfall was above LY and near normal. Thanksgiving Day was colder than LY although warmer than normal. Rain and snowfall were both below LY and normal. Black Friday was the warmest since 2011 with the least rain and snow since 2013.WP 2016 Q4 F5 Precip
  • Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!
    • The first major snowstorm of the season occurred in weeks 3 and 4, impacting markets from the Dakotas to the Great Lakes and into the Northeast. This lifted demand for snow removal categories. Otherwise, snowfall was minimal across North America in November.

Weather’s Impact
“A dry month supported foot traffic into businesses across North America in November. Mixed temperature trends to last year impacted the products consumers put in their baskets with much-needed cold in the East and warmth in the West,” said Scott Bernhardt, President of Planalytics.

Temperature Callouts

  • The Pacific, Mountain, West South Central, West North Central, and East North Central regions all trended warmest in over 55 years. The East South Central region was warmest since 1985.
    • Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Seattle, and Portland, OR were all warmest in over 55 years. LA and San Diego were warmest since 1976.
  • Colder conditions to LY were featured in the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions. NYC, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Orlando, and Miami all trended colder than LY.
  • In Canada, Quebec City, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Vancouver were all warmest in over 55 years. Conversely, Toronto and Montreal trended colder than LY.

Precipitation and Snowfall Callouts

  • The South Atlantic and East South Central regions had their driest November in over 55 years.
    • Atlanta, Nashville, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Tampa all had their lowest November rainfall totals in over 55 years. Orlando was driest since 1973, Boston and Philadelphia since 2001, and Kansas City since 2006.
    • The Pacific region was wettest since 2006 including San Francisco and Salt Lake City which were wettest since 2010. LA and Riverside were wettest since 2011.
    • In Canada, Calgary and Halifax were driest since 2009, Ottawa and Quebec City since 2012. Conversely, Vancouver was wettest since 2009. Most markets had snowfall totals which were well below normal.