Many businesses believe that planning for weather’s impact on sales and profitability is an exercise in futility. After all, it’s an uncontrollable external factor. But don’t let that be an excuse for ignoring the weather.

It’s a fact that weather repeats itself year-to-year only 15 percent of the time, which makes planning off of last year’s results ineffective. But that doesn’t mean that the weather’s impact on agribusiness performance can’t be measured and managed. To help firms understand how to anticipate and plan around the weather, Planalytics has identified nine common myths and misconceptions that affect agribusiness — and how to effectively incorporate weather analytics to make better decisions.

This white paper breaks down these nine myths associated with weather and provides alternatives in the form of weather intelligence to illustrate how analytics, in combination with weather insights, can be applied to provide measurable and quantifiable returns across an organization.

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