Weather can impact website traffic, just as it does bricks-and-mortar store traffic. Extreme events, as well as simple day to-day changes in weather, can drive consumers to stay indoors and drive spikes in website traffic. Conversely, a beautiful sunny day may bring more consumers into stores and away from their online shopping carts.

By leveraging weather analytics, businesses can understand the specific times and locations to deliver a product or brand specific message to a consumer at the exact time they are realizing the need to make a purchase. For example, an online retailer can respond to uncommonly warm weather in a specific market by targeting customers with items like shorts and tee shirts before they would be able to find those items in stores. These same analytics can be used in paid-search campaigns to lead new customers to a retailer’s site at a time when weather is driving demand.

Generally accepted web analytics (site hits, conversion rates, costs per conversion, etc.) can help validate the success of these campaigns.



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