Decembrrr! Coldest and Snowiest December Since 2013 in North America.
Cold Conditions Mid-Month Drove Winter Category Demand Over the Holiday Shopping Season.

Seasonal businesses were jolly over the holiday shopping season as December trended much colder than the record warmth of last year. Both the U.S. and Canada were coldest since 2013, but slightly warmer than normal. The month was drier than a record wet 2015 in the U.S., but wetter than normal and snowiest since 2013. Canada was wettest since 2008 with the most snow since 2013.

Cold at the Core

  • The coldest weather came in the middle of the month, driving winter category demand over the holiday shopping period. Weeks 2, 3, and 4 were all colder than LY. Weeks 2 and 4 were coldest since 2013. In week 2, many markets saw near to below freezing temperatures, up to -20˚F colder than the record warmth of the prior year. Week 3 was coldest since 2010 with the New England region coldest since 1995 and the West North Central region since 2008. While most of the country was colder vs. LY during week 3, portions of the West were warmer.
  • Canada also trended colder than LY during weeks 2, 3, and 4. Week 3 was coldest since 1963; Quebec City and Halifax were coldest since 1991


Happy Holidays!

  • Nationally, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day trended colder than the record warmth of  LY but still warmer than normal. Dallas, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, and St. Louis all had their warmest Christmas Day in 55+ years. Kansas City had its most Christmas Day rain in 55+ years. In Canada, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day trended the coldest in 3 years.
  • New Year’s Eve and Day in the U.S. were warmest since 2011 with the most rain since 2010. Snowfall on New Year’s Day was above normal. In Canada, New Year’s Eve temperatures were near normal with the most rain since 2000 and limited snow. New Year’s Day was warmer and drier than normal with near normal snowfall.