ALERT: Spring Demand Spikes from the Rockies to the East Coast, While the West Coast Welcomes Rain. 
Heavy Rain Also Brings Flooding Threats to the Plains and Mid-South.

While the official arrival of spring is still a few weeks away, it will certainly feel like spring next week for most markets in the eastern two-thirds of North America.

March Comes in Like a Lion…

While markets from the Great Lakes to the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and eastern Canada will receive a shot of cold air, snowfall, and freezing rain over the coming days, rapid melting will occur as we move through next week (March 6-12).

…But Quickly Turns to a Lamb.


Next week, markets in the Great Lakes, Midwest, and Ohio Valley will see the greatest warmth compared to normal. Near record highs are expected as temperatures trend 15°F to 30°F above normal. Highs in the 60s and 70s are likely for major population centers such as Chicago, St. Louis, and Detroit. These conditions will reach the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions later in the week and into the weekend. The warmth will kick spring purchasing into high gear. Expect large demand spikes in these regions for lawn & garden categories, sporting goods, spring apparel, and warm weather products such as suncare, bottled water, allergy relief, and insect repellents.


While much of North America will deal with bouts of precipitation, areas in the southern Plains and Midwest can expect heavy rain with a chance for severe weather and flash flooding.

The West Coast will experience a more active pattern, bringing much needed rainfall and mountain snow to drought stricken California. Rain will stretch into southern California while locations in the Sierra Nevada Mountains will be measuring snow in feet. Expect demand for wet weather categories such as rainwear and wiper blades to spike next week throughout the Pacific region.

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